AICP CM 1.0 Unit, Planning Types: Campus Planning Whether your main responsibilities focus on academic, resource and budget, institutional direction, or campus planning SCUPs sessions will give you insight on how leaders are crossing traditional boundaries to create new solutions. In this session, we will explore some of the findings from the 2022 CFI benchmarking and hear from a panel of institutions about changes they are making and how they use CFI data to inform their planning efforts. What will you do? DATES: This rule is effective January 1, 2022. NACUBO 2022 Annual Meeting - National Association of College and University Business Officers Trade Shows Agriculture Farming & Forestry Gaylord Rockies Resort And Convention Center, Aurora, Colorado Jul 16 - 19, 2022 In-person Exhibitor List Why Attend Event Overview: AICP CM 1.0 Unit, Planning Types: Campus Planning Explain the importance of data-driven decision making based on WLC analysis. Calendar more. If you do not have one, there will be instructions to create one on the sign in page. Join us next year in Cleveland, OH. Using the examples of the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Lowell and Boston University (BU), this session will provide a how-to guide in planning and executing a carbon neutral plan in cold climates for urban public and private institutions. In the wake of similarly troubled times, campuses are once again ready to embrace optimism through renewal. Takeaways: give attendees next actions, tips, tools, processes, etc., that can be applied immediately. Explain how digital transformation and a centralized team can help support high performance computing and data science researchers. The indigenization of higher education can create better outcomes for indigenous peoples through indigenous ways of learning and culturally appropriate support while also fostering cross-cultural learning for the broader student body. Outline an effective and inclusive planning process that defines the problem and sets goals. AIA LU 1.0 Unit (SCUP57C1705) Come learn about a replicable facility rehabilitation process that will help you overcome complex project constraints and achieve high-performance, healthy, resilient buildings on your campus. In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage your institutional culture to leverage and manage change. Solutions: help attendees solve a pressing problem. Increase your understanding and awareness of effectuation, an entrepreneurial process for planning around an uncertain future. Tags: Facilities Design; Facilities Planning; Health and Wellness; Mixed-Use; Original Research; Student Housing, Presented by: Chris Dechter, Manager, Instructional Technology Classroom Technology Services, University of Wyoming | Parke Rhoads, Principal and Higher Education Lead, Vantage Technology Consulting Group | Lisa Stephens, Assistant Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, SUNY-System Office. Evaluate the impact of the 1965 International Sculpture Symposium on CSULBs extensive outdoor art collection. This session will explore how institutions can expand their enterprise solutions and use roadmaps for engaging existing buildings to meet comprehensive climate neutrality initiatives. Los Angeles International Airport [LAX] Assess your institutions resources and culture so you create a strategic plan that can be implemented. Tags: Alignment; COVID-19; Facilities Planning; Higher Ed Trends; Hybrid Learning; Information Technology; Learning Environments; Learning Technology, Presented by: Rebecca Corbin, President and CEO, National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship | Eva Bagg, Superintendent-President, Barstow Community College | Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy, Regional Director, Business & Entrepreneurship, Inland Empire Desert Regional Consortium | Eva Bagg, Superintendent-President, Barstow Community College. With a fundamental understanding of carbon reduction, youll be able to evaluate it across building lifecycles and use visual tools to communicate evidence-based data and encourage collaborative decision making. CEO Discuss how an SSC can reflect new organizational priorities through the more efficient use of space dedicated to particular functions. Tags: Community College; Engaging Stakeholders; Planning Processes; Strategic Planning; SWOT Analysis. In the midst of a global health crisis, a racial reckoning, and climate change events, there is a tremendous opportunity for institutions to question their role in addressing social justice as an ethos and as an educational mission. Come learn how to shrink the size of your campus while still prioritizing institutional recruitment and retention themes, such as student success, health and wellbeing, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals. Guide your future planning efforts through an understanding of equity goals to create a safe and welcoming campus environment. AICP CM 1.0 Unit, Planning Types: Campus Planning Acknowledge your stakeholders budgetary guidelines while simultaneously observing all perspectives within the project. Compare how higher education institutions are responding to similar campus planning issues. Search peer-contributed learning space exemplars using tags specific to facilities, IT, and pedagogical attributes. 2022 National Conference Registration and Networking. Balance architectural conservation with current building performance and sustainability standards, technology and code requirements. Well demonstrate how to leverage technology, which is at the core of higher educations new normal hybrid learning environments, to improve student equity, inclusion, and learning outcomes. This session will discuss two new MIT initiatives in dining and design services, responses to critical business issues, student needs, and social and institutional calls for racial justice. Log in firstlogin is required for access. The Design workshop is part of the SCUP Planning Institute Model. Collect real-life experiences and solutions from two different institutions. Located in the heart of the beautiful mid-century modern campus of California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), the Shakarian Student Success Center is home to more than 13 different organizations that serve the needs of the universitys students. Successful planning starts with engagement, reflection, and action. SCUP 2023 Assess the nature and quality of activities that remain in the back office and how this translates into space requirements and configurations. Call 888.236.2427. Join us to discover how Cal State LAs successful strategies led to the creation of an inclusive, equitable, and affordable housing facility that helps build relationships and a sense of belonging amongst students. Come learn how you can leverage undergraduate student research efforts and spaces within your campus environment to address topics that impact the wellbeing, expression, and representation of your campus community. We even added an architectural bike tour of Los Angeles for good measure. Conference ( 2022 - 1,438 ) Trade Shows Consumer Show Virtual Event Corporate Event Annual General Meeting. Challenges: Planning Alignment; Student Success, Retention, and Graduation Tuesday, April 19, 2022 The 2011 National Architecture Firm Award Winner, BNIM is an innovative leader in designing high performance environments. Planning Types: Academic Planning For the California State University (CSU) system, the convergence of the pandemic with newly-hired planning staff provided a rare opportunity to revisit everyday processes and realign with current needs to better support its 23 campuses. Badge sharing, splitting, and reprints are strictly prohibited. Evaluate issues with current practices and patterns of workforce training and development on the sides of both higher education and industry. Support and guide institutional leadership in building a case for transformation using advanced foresight and. Check out some examples. Notification of Selection Describe academic work spaces that break down silos and bring disciplines together based on common activities and desired outcomes. Submissions must be made using SCUPs online submission tool. The 2022 jury members will share observations and trends from this years entries and acknowledge award recipients. Planning Types: Campus Planning The Director of Financial Services is a senior executive leader of ASI and works closely with the administration team to collaboratively oversee the management and administration of the corporation within the policy direction of the ASI student board. This session will demonstrate how we can influence through collaboration by using interpersonal skills to work with others, resulting in better outcomes. Many institutions make decisions about academic programs without considering the effects on interdepartmental costs or diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) objectives. This session will explore social justice initiatives that actively influence an institutions policies, practices, and its built environment to create a sense of belonging and wellbeing for the entire campus community. Telephone: 916 448 8577 FAX: 916 448 7495 As colleges and universities welcome students back for the 2021/2022 academic year, they must stay nimble and responsive to the changing conditions of the pandemic. Join us March 23-25, 2022 in Eugene, Oregon for the SCUP Pacific Regional Conference! Participants will meet at Handlebar Tours, please allow 45 minutes to travel. Three universities will share recent residential building projects that support a first-year experience infused with academic and social engagement. Downloadable session slideshow PDFs are available to event registrants only. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this conference a success! Well share how both universities built coalitions from a multiplicity of stakeholders to support their strategic goals and transform aging Brutalist facilities through third spaces. SCUP 2023 Generate ideas for achieving efficiencies and optimization of a college-based professional services team. Come learn about UCIs collaborative planning process for leveraging the campus landscape as a resource that supports interdisciplinary education, research, and wellbeing. ASI offers a comprehensive compensation and benefit package including CalPers retirement and . Keynote /General Session(s) Speakers Corner; Exhibit. Find opportunities to activate spaces and programs that enhance student health and wellbeing, while understanding the connection to student environmental perceptions. The role of institutional effectiveness is expanding across higher education. Venue: A one-nights deposit is required upon booking, fully refundable if canceled 24 hours in advance. Presented by: Pamela Garbini, Assistant Director, Space Planning & Management, Pennsylvania State University | Debi McDonald, New England Higher Education Market Sector Leader, Jacobs | Toyin Ogunfolaju, Infrastructure & Social Economic Inclusion Leader, Jacobs. When you use the SCUP Integrated Planning model, you will get an accurate picture of your external environment, ask hard but necessary questions, and build actionable plans. The window for taking action on climate change is narrowing and there is an urgent need for institutions to reduce their carbon footprints. Discover how you can improve the accuracy of your budgets, reduce time spent developing them, and anticipate the consequences for DEI. 7:15 - 8:15 am. Come learn how your institution can quickly respond to multiple changes simultaneously by organizing to increase efficiency, empower IT leaders, and facilitate faster decision making. Conference North Central 2023 Regional Conference October 16, 2023 - October 18, 2023 St. Louis, MO REFINE BY: Region. Concerns around social disengagement and mental health combined with massive disruptions in transfer enrollments and K-12 learning could challenge college completion, equity, and future campus infrastructure needs.